Ancestral Practice

Modern 'Griot' Story-telling

In the West African tradition, 'griots' are the 'story-tellers' for a village or community.  Their role is to help preserve the genealogy of the people by acting as historical narrators in the oral tradition, often with the support of music and singing.  In the modern Western world, the role of the 'griot' in family life has been lost.

Increasingly many people are turning to older traditions to find answers to some of the difficult family and community issues that they are faced with. Elders and ancestral knowledge are diminishing as they lose their place in the modern world, it is time to reclaim them.

Ancestral Practice explores different ways or connecting with your ancestors and family lineage drawing from a range of traditions and different 'ways of knowing'. Family ritual, divination, and constellations mapping can help you to reclaim your ancestral 'story' and cultural heritage.

Malidoma Some, Dagara Elder, teacher and author, who I have journeyed with to Burkina Faso and learnt from says this about ritual ......

"Where ritual is absent the young ones are restless or violent, there are no real elders, and the grown-ups are bewildered. The future is dim!"

Malidoma Some, p.g. 12  Ritual Power, Healing and Community


Searching for African Roots

Since 2011 I have been on an ancestral journey RE-Membering,  RE-Connecting and RE-Claiming my lost ancestral traditions. These lost and stolen healing traditions are an access point into ‘other ways of knowing’ for many of us in the African Diaspora and beyond.

My ancestral practice seeks to open conversations about these ‘other ways of knowing’ through oral storying, embodied processes like systemic constellations and divination systems which have been in use for centuries

There is a current social crisis for many in diaspora communities with second, third and fourth generations that have become disconnected from their ancestors and cultural traditions. They have lost a sense of clear identity and are searching for identity, belonging, validation and ‘roots’. 

Through a process of ‘taking back’ knowledge, individuals and families can be supported in their psychological well-being and communities strengthened to better manage the dilemmas and difficulties of modern life.

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