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Family Consultation and Life-Divination

Choose from a Consultation focused on your family system or a Divination exploring a work, career or social issue.

Ancestral Steps

Ancestral Constellations are a step onto the ancestral path and a reconnection to your family line over generations.

Map a Constellation

You map a consultation or divination by choosing 'representative dollies' for family members, colleagues or clients.

Explore Roots

A constellation is also a type of family research and genogram, looking at 3-4 generations of your family tree.

Change Patterns

Restore balance in family or community systems by intervening in 'patterns' that repeat over generations.

Build Relationships

A constellation will build relationships supporting your family and community strengths and resilience.

For All of We!

Explore family and social dynamics from multiple perspectives, colour, culture, gender identity and community.

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Writings on the ancestral path.......

Ancestral in the Constellation

Making Sense of the Ancestral in the Constellation! Little has been researched or written about the 'Ancestral' aspect of constellations, theory

Honouring Ancestors

In constellations work, from an African perspective, we are summoning ancestral spirits! Sometimes we need to honour those who have departed fro

Family Constellations Workshops

A Living Map of Your Family System! During an Ancestral Constellations workshop, you create a living ‘map’ of your family system, past

Journey to Dano

You're Almost Out! "You're almost out", said Malidoma at a Cowery Shell reading that I had with him in 2015.  It was the second time tha

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