What’s on Offer?

There are two options for divination healing rituals.  A small group session with three to four other ‘seekers’.  Or a personal one-to-one or skype telephone session.  Please state your choice when you contact for more information or to book a session.

Small Group – Healing Ritual Divination

A small group session can be a very powerful and enlightening experience.   Up to four people attend and each will have their own personal time using our 100+ Diaspora Dollies to map their issue.  The rest of the group witness individual journeys and act as a resource and support for each other.

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TIME: 12 pm-6 pm

PLACES: 4×60 Minute Sessions

VENUE: 9 Manor Gardens, London N7

FEE: £50 in advance

TICKETS: Contact me for more information

One-to-One Divination Sessions

One-to-One divination sessions give you a more personal experience.  You will find this a useful way to create a ‘snap-shot’ of your issue if you want to explore family dynamics and patterns. Or you may be looking to find your individual unique gifts or to better understand your purpose in life.


Fees: 2019

60-minute Session £65
90-minute session £99

To Book a Session

Sessions for new clients take 90 minutes, subsequent meetings are 60/90minutes as required.  Skype or telephone sessions are available on request. Sliding scale available, to booking or for more information, contact me here.

Why Come for a Divination Session?

You may come for a divination coaching session because you feel that you are in crisis, or need support bringing your vision into the world.  Divination as a healing ritual can also help you to see the impact of past unresolved situations on current personal relationships at a deep level.