Seekers Journey

Re-connecting to Indigenous Wisdom

Those of us waking-up and wishing to re-connect to lost traditions are often adrift in the modern world.  Many times we respond to the ‘Ancestral Call’ late in life and require elders and family members to help us remember!  Often they wish to forget!

It took me a lifetime of searching to remember the connection to my ancestral heritage. And a few years in the wilderness with little direction and serious illness to ‘wake-me-up’ to the ‘call of my ancestors’.  Finally, I found my way back to parental homelands in South America and further back to ancestral lineage in West Africa.

My reflective blog records my journey to find and follow the Indigenous Wisdom of my ancestors.  To Re-Member that which was lost in the middle passage from Africa to the Caribbean. To Re-Connect to heritage and tradition and Re-Imagine a world with the knowledge that has been found.

These Indigenous Ways of knowing are connected to ‘old as time’ cosmologies, that are focused on nature, community, ritual and oral storytelling traditions.  These tools may appear simple but go deep and have often been forgotten or lost to people in modern Western traditions.  Many are now ‘waking up’ and remembering!

We can renew our sense of self by connecting to some of the ‘old ways’.  We cannot return to the past, but we can look back and reaffirm what was known.  We are in troubling times and this is one way to heal the past for future generations!