A Modern African Ritual

Ritual in a Different Form A ritual has many different forms! It brings together a community, which according to Malidoma Some embodies, unity of spirit, trust, openness, love and caring respect for the elders respect for nature and cult of the ancestors.  Ritual, Power Healing and Community, Some 1991 Pg 52. In my work, what I … Continue reading A Modern African Ritual

Working with Spirit

Honouring the Living and the Dead Ancestral Spirits In constellations work, from an African perspective, we are summoning ancestral spirits! Sometimes we need to honour those who have departed from the physical life but may not yet be at peace in the after-life.  The work of Ancestral Constellations draws on traditional African spirituality, that which … Continue reading Working with Spirit

BAATN Podcast

Talking Constellations! For the last 7 years, I have been on a personal and professional ‘seekers’ path, exploring identity, belonging and Ancestral Roots. It is a journey that has taken me to re-connect to parental homelands in South America and to research my Ancestral lineage in West Africa. This integration of personal awakening and systemic … Continue reading BAATN Podcast


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Tracing African Roots

Exploring the Ethnic Origins of the Afro-Diaspora